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How to Share Your Products Better Without Feeling Weird and Salesy


Hi There 🙂 In this blog I am going to talk about how to Share Your Products Without Feeling Weird and Salesy. These 4 tips are definitely helping me to promote my products in a more non-salesy way:

It took a couple years of struggling to realise that I needed to stop focusing on myself and give more value to help others. People are genuinely struggling in all sorts of areas.

I know some of us are excited about our upcoming company events, our latest products from the company, the best compensation plan, or an opportunity that is designed for those who loose jobs or perhaps, can’t go out to work physically due to various reasons.  We can’t wait to share our amazing opportunity with people, and that’s good, BUT we must approach this in a way that puts the focus on the customer or potential teamie and NOT ourselves and at the same time become visible.

Some of us are just point blank afraid to put ourselves out there to become visible.  I totally understand! If you are anything like me then you don’t want to look salesy either, that’s not our goal of joining this industry. We really just want to get hold of the best products and services to enhance our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Earn an extra or alternative income, perhaps have more time freedom or at least the choice to do more things we love and help other people at the same time.

On our journey to becoming visible, we will come across many pitfalls. Have you ever felt that no matter how many benefits you share, people often just don’t buy it?  No matter how positive you look?

Even when trying to just connect to people sincerely, when you talk about opportunity, your prospects are just off!  Well I have found through experience it’s mostly because they don’t know us yet. Their guard is subconsciously up automatically!  It’s not our fault, that’s just how people are.

Too many people (Including me – I’ve made this mistake myself) try to offer the business or sell too soon before they have interacted with a new person at a basic level. They don’t even know what the clients needs are & they are not even close to warming to us yet.

First comes the connection, then the initial introduction message, or a re-connection message. Next comes the open interaction stage.  Then comes the personal interaction stage. I follow this set principle before even thinking about offering my business or products otherwise I feel that my approach would be unwelcomed. ( I teach this to my Directs)

Below Are My personal 4 favourite Tips On How To Share Your Products Without Feeling Weird and Salesy:

Tip 1: Company and Product Information

I’ve found that it can be great to share your company events, latest products or how good your product is as long as its done the right way.  Don’t just keep sharing your diet products, essential oils or your services that can make $10,000 per month without giving any insights.

I have learnt through experience that we need to focus on sharing ‘why’  the latest product or service is going to be amazing. What is it about the service that can help people?  How would that make a difference in their lifestyle?  What ingredients are present in your companies product, that may help support the body when trying to improve certain issues. What ingredient’s are ‘not’ present that shows the product is going to be a more cleaner natural alternative?

When you share your products , other peoples testimonial posts can be a powerful way to build trust but don’t always share others’ posts. Don’t always share your uplines posts.


Because when you start creating your own content, your own voice is born. You are the only one who can express your own voice in a way you want to be seen and known for.

Your personality will shine through, you may be funny, bubbly, entertaining, sarcastic, formal, casual, blunt, softly spoken, loud, sexy, reserved or any combination above and more.  This is what the successful coaches in this industry mean when they say be the REAL you!  Here’s more info on Branding yourself in an MLM Attraction Marketing Business if you want to learn more about achieving this.

Tip 2: Give Value

Stop focusing on your products, the company and you. People care about themselves when they want to purchase or join something. Start to focus on your prospects, your ideal clients, their problem, their desires and their goals. Start to give more value on your profile, your content.

So how to do that?

If you are selling oils that can help people to solve anxiety and sleeping problems (Even if your essential oils can solve thousands of problems, share your products by just picking one to two and focus on the people that are suffering from these two issues). What you can do is create posts that help to solve their anxiety problems.

Tip 3: Solve Your Ideal Clients’ Problems

Be an expert of your products or industry. When you share your products, lets say you’re focusing on diet, be an expert in helping people to lose weight instead of just a person that sells weight-loss products. If you’re selling essential oils that specialise in anxiety, help people to really see how to solve their anxiety problems instead of just telling them that your products can help them.

People buy from people, sometimes because they think it’s a good product, Yes, but that’s not all! They are hoping to achieve something. Asking the right questions in a certain order is vital. You must realise you will not know what they want to achieve and solve unless they tell you, and they probably won’t tell you unless you have built up enough report to make them feel comfortable in conversation with you.

My experience as a Holistic therapist has shown me that people often have deep rooted emotional attachments to their issues. Once they begin to open up to you, A hand with with the word help written on beads an a blue string. the sting is wrapped around the wrist focus on relating to them and solving their problems. Not only just selling them your products, but also going the extra mile on really helping them can be extremely powerful. People might not always remember what you say, but they will  remember how you made them feel!

They’re not only interested in your products for ‘one’ time.  If you provide good customer service, during AND after the sale, there is an increased probability of building a long-term relationship with them. They may even join your team because they see that you took the time to care about their concerns.

computer with an image of one hand helping another when you share your productsMost people usually have the innate ability to sense other peoples energy.  In my opinion I believe people can ‘feel’ the care vibes we give off and if they experience our helping hand when they reach out to us in hope to solve their issues and problems, they will remember us for sure.

When you share your products, another way to attract your ideal customer could be indirectly. Lets say you sell an awesome weight management product that is helping existing customers and distributers within the organisation you represent.

Lots of women for example often feel self conscious about their excess tummy weight.  They may be feeling  down because they don’t know where to start in order to manage their weight.  They may feel unattractive in front of their partner or spouse. They might feel held back on their weight loss journey because they want to go swimming but feel uncomfortable wearing a costume.

By putting out more content that relates to your product you are increasing the attraction people have towards you when they come across your content. You could talk about –

  • ‘how to reduce belly fat’ by not eating these 3 things,
  • 5 tips to lower your blood sugar level,
  • 3 ways to get better sleep.

You don’t need to always share others’ posts directly, you can use your own knowledge or read other posts, YouTube and share it out on you own. It is more powerful when you do that because it builds their awareness of your knowledge and expertise.

Tip 4: Business Presentations

Except from providing solutions on your content and posting. During your sales call, meet-up or business presentation, you don’t have to keep telling them how good your company is and how good the compensation plan is without even knowing anything about them.

Get to know something about their business, their biggest challenges, their financial situation, their goal, their current strategy or plan. Customise your business presentation to the prospect specifically. You can use the same presentation slide or same video, but you can share to every one of them differently on a call.

Let’s say today Rita is a 40s middle aged woman and working as a Personal Secretary & P.A to a very successful Business Man. Her boss cut her pay and even lost this job due to this economic downturn. Currently she’s even suffering from anxiety due to her life and financial difficulties.

There’s no way for you to share with her how your company compensation plan can possibly make her 50k per month. How your upline bought a nice car, lived in a nice house and achieved financial freedom. This prospect won’t feel connected no matter how good this plan is.

It’s better for us to really understand her current situation and see how our company plan and products can really help her. Let her know that with joining your company, how you will help her and you’ll guide them on prospecting, since she needs to pay her bills.

Let them know you’ll push them to take more action to see some results in a shorter time. At the same time, let them know what she needs to do for this anxiety problem, maybe what products she can buy (if her budget is tight, find a cheaper product , give a gift card or a smaller package that really suits them now).

People connect to people at the end of the day. So make sure that everything is making sense so that the results will come naturally and without you pushing too hard.

Remember that, people love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. Go to them as an expert, specialist and advisor but not a seller. Do consultation, not promotion.

Consultation is a major thing in the Beauty, Holistic & Healthcare Industry.  So if you are selling Beauty or Health &  Wellness products, it only makes sense to adopt the same level of service, BEFORE we try to offer our solutions to our potential clients and teamies.

I hope this helps someone here today in moving forward  🙂

All my Love



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