Urban Retreat Review

Urban Retreat Review – Why Work With Them?

In this Urban Retreat review I will show the philosophies of the company and share how you can get paid. I will make no judgements, but leave you to come to your own conclusion. If you are interested in Urban Retreat business, we have ambassadors on our books who can help you more.

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Urban Retreat believes in being a part of something bigger than themselves. They strive to have an eco-friendly perspective on their products. The company is committed to protecting the planet for generations. This is by producing products “powered by nature” with scientific proof behind them.

Urban Retreat are a beauty and wellbeing specialist. Their creams, liquids, cosmetics and supplements are made in their own laboratories in France. Acti only uses ethically sourced ingredients from plants around us to the riches of the sea. This is why they stand by their products 100%.

Urban Retreat provide products that protect your skin in their Cosmeceutical day cream range. These have properties to help “protect your youth”.

Urban Retreat Haircare

Urban Retreat has been making strides in beauty and skincare with their advancements in science. They are committed to provide products that give proven results. This is why they independently test each product before it goes on sale. That way you know the products will work as promised.

Urban Retreat wants a world where people care about themselves and what they’re doing to the planet. Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet. Acti is here to help by giving everyone something beautiful inside and out.

Product Ingredients:

Powered by Nature, Proven by Clinical Trials.

Imagine selling without a pushy sales pitch. You can say “this cream has been clinically and independently proven to reduce wrinkles by 22.3% in only 28 days”. Do you think that will appeal to your potential customer?

Acti is the only direct sales company with products evaluated for efficacy and safety during the development process. This means they know it works before anyone else does.

Imagine having constant repeat business. This is because your customers love using products with results they can see right away. Results backed up by clinical study data from independent researchers, not the company’s own claims.

Think about never having to worry about running out of original content. It has already been done for you!

Building a career partnering with a company committed to protecting our planet. This could be your ticket for making the world more sustainable and a great income.

Stop imagining it; make this a reality!

Urban Retreat Review – How You Earn.

No Urban Retreat Review would be complete without showing an overview on how you earn. Here is a brief overview.

There Are 8 Ways To Earn

Building a successful career is not an easy task. Building a business with Urban Retreat can be very valuable. To receive the rewards you deserve for all the work that goes into it! It’s possible for you to make money in eight different ways – so take full advantage of them all!

It starts with what they call the Kickoff Phase.

Building a customer base

1. 20% Base Commission
2. 5-10% Extra Personal Sales Bonus
3. Mid-Month Acti-Cash

There are added Fast-Start Bonuses

4. Receive an Extra Free Product Kit

Then there is the Leader Phase, where you build your own team

5. Earn up to 10% from Team Sales
6. 25% Builder Bonus
7. 100% Cheque Match Bonus
8. Rank Bonuses

Doing these things will allow you to earn a few hundred pounds a month, or grow a sustainable business.

We have Urban Retreat Consultants ready to help you to get started in your new business. They can tell you more about this opportunity and help you to make the right decision.

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To sum up this Urban Retreat Review:

Urban Retreat with Acti Labs believe in Values That Make A Difference!

  • Fair – Because they make their own products, you can offer your customers products at a fair price. You’ll still be able to get paid fairly for what you sell.
  • Responsible – Acti is an ethical company that cares about their customers and the environment. The products are sourced ethically and manufactured responsibly. They are cruelty free certified, and all the packaging materials are eco-friendly too.

Urban Retreat’s mission is simple. To sell high quality product at a great price while being environmentally conscious and caring. From sourcing right down to packaging.

  • Effective – As the only direct sales company to offer Clinically proven products. There is a simple, transparent compensation plan, so why not find out more?

Thank you for reading through this Urban Retreat review. I hope you have found it useful. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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