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16 Simple Tips For Posting On Social Media

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Hey everyone 🙂  Posting on social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  The following valuable tips have been shared with me over the past few years. I found that this made big a difference to my visibility and engagement when implemented so I thought I would share these strategies to benefit others that may be struggling  ❤

Here are my tips for posting on social media:

  1.  Post consistently on social media each day and every day if you can. I know sometimes that’s hard , we all need a few days away from time to time…but disappearing for long periods disconnects you from your audience. The idea is for people to remember you…know you, showing up shows people your committed and reliable with leadership qualities.
  2.  One of the most important things about posting on social media is NOT to just post about your business. (You’re not a commercial) I like to post recipes, funny jokes, motivational posts, videos that I have done. Sharing relevant watch parties is also a good idea because it attracts your target market potential customers & teamies.
  3. Remember people don’t want to be sold to, they want a solution to their problems and concerns. Show them how you and your Company or products can help them!
  4. Keep your timeline clean. No one wants to see profanity, nudity, negative comments. This is YOUR business. Run it like a business.
  5. Be personal, people want to know you, they want to know your why, they want to know they can trust you!
  6. Get to know your products. If you don’t know what you are selling, how will others know?  Be a product of the product. Even if you can only buy one product a month, in a year that is 12 products you can honestly and openly speak about.
  7. Don’t worry about knowing every little detail about the compensation plan. So many are getting stuck on this and it is stopping you from growing. When I first started, I knew nothing. I just picked a product and did a post on my timeline and I did that on a regular basis! You have to find your balance. Although I said don’t post too much, I will also recommend you don’t post too little, otherwise people won’t know what you do, & if they don’t know, how will you get a sale? Its how you do it, your posture & the unique personality that you bring to the table that will draw “your people” to you!
  8. Join interest groups to grow your friends list (again this is how I started) join groups you are really interested in. I joined a cooking group recently because I’m looking for recipes and new ideas for cooking at home, a pet group, a funny meme group, etc. I did that to meet like minded people, I did this to send out friend requests OVER time. I was advised to participate actively in these groups, share, ask questions, I connect. Then I either send a friends request or they send a request and that is a great way to grow. BUT never post your link, or a business post in these groups. Honour the group, respect the people in them, but seriously do this today and watch your friends list grow. Think about what your interest are!
  9. You can do a live video, watch parties, and recorded videos. I prefer recorded…I am shy in that sense we all are different…but hey you may love live video. Videos really help your business grow….I have seen it…Its a great way for people to learn who you are. Remember you ARE amazing, show the world this! I believe in you, Believe in yourself also!
  10. Have a clear profile photo of yourself, smiling, and neat. Makes you look legit.
    Posting on social media
  11. Set your FB settings to public. This to me is so important. Your friends and family may get bored of you fast, so if you don’t open up your settings people that aren’t connected to you cannot contact you or share your posts. I have met more awesome people than bad people and if someone annoys you we have a beautiful block feature here on FB. 🤣😜
  12. Don’t use your FB banner purely for advertising. Instant turn off. Consider using personal development quotes or anything related to your business that “isn’t salesy”.  Although we need to optimise our social profiles to let people know we are in business, you don’t want them to think you are only there for the money.  We are of course here to earn a living but as I said before, people don’t like to feel they are just being sold to.  Use posting on social media for something personal to describe you and your personality as well as your business.
  13. Follow up with people – customers, people you’ve enrolled, people who have asked questions. Many don’t realise the power in the follow up!
  14. Remember FB is an amazing tool, but think outside the box –  Posting on social media can include other Social media platforms, your community, shirts, business cards, local events, donations with your name on the product. Etc., think BIG !!!!! There are no limits here!
  15. Have fun with this !!! Yes it is work, yes it does take time, consistency and ups and downs, to be successful. BUT this can be fun !! And when you are having fun you will attract more people.
  16. I know you can ALL do this. So get out there and post, show the world how awesome your company is and keep rockin’ it! You all bring a BIG smile to my face each day…because seeing your success shows people that this industry can work…if you work the right way!

Here’s to our success together.

All my love,


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