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Looking For a Home Based Business? Check Out this Betterware Review

In this Betterware review I want to discuss the company, how you can earn and whether it’s a good idea to start a Betterware home business.

Many people are looking for ways to make money from home. If you’re one of them, then you should check out Betterware. They offer a wide range of products and services that will help your business grow and succeed! Here’s my review on the company and why I think they’re worth considering if you want to start a home based business.

Betterware is a great company to work with because they offer high quality products at affordable prices. The greatest thing about the home business model that Betterware uses, is that you can start an online store or the catalogue delivery model for little money up front. As long as you’re willing to put in some hard work, starting your business and earning your first commissions can prove to be quite easy.

Betterware offers a wide range of products and services that you can sell to your customers. With everything from books, cleaning products, personal care products and lots more, there’s something for everyone!

To get started with Betterware, all you need is a computer or smartphone, an internet connection and some free time. The best part for any new business owner is they are a solid company and you get paid on time, every time!

If you’re prepared to work hard and follow the excellent training, there is no reason why you cannot be earning commissions every single month. As your customer base grows, so will your income. You can earn even more by introducing others into the business and supporting them to be successful too.

Betterware Review – How The Business Works

How Can you Earn?

No Betterware review would be complete without knowing how you earn in this business.

There are different ways you can earn with Betterware. I’ll go through each one individually.

The first option is delivery and collection of catalogues, and that’s how most distributers start with Betterware. Your catalogue is to be distributed door to door in your local area. People still like to look at catalogues, which means you can build a regular customer base and earn 25% minimum Commission on everything you sell.

betterware catalogue

Betterware Catalogues

If you are a catalogue distributor solely, you can purchase catalogues in the support shop. You can choose how many catalogues you want to buy. If you are a “digital seller”, you will be given five catalogues and order forms free for you to pass on to friends and family.

Catalogues are a key part of the business. You only need to get the books out and collected for the most part. Walk around the local area first. Make sure you let the potential customer know when you will be back for their order. You will be trained on the best practices to do this by your sponsor or in the weekly team trainings.

Another option is to get a webshop so you can share your products on social media and anywhere else online you have a presence.

The Benefits Of Having a Webshop

There are many benefits to having a webshop. They include:

  • You can get orders because when you have a webshop, Betterware will send random people to your shop to help you earn commissions.
  • The customer can get next day delivery if they order before 4pm. They will get a 5% discount ordering online instead of from the catalogue.

The reason it is so important to get a web shop is pretty obvious. You can use the QR code to direct people to your personal shop. The customer will have a better experience because they can get next day delivery. So, if you drop off the catalogue, the customer can browse through, scan the QR code and receive their product before you pick the book up.

It’s only £10 a month plus VAT for the Bronze option to get your own webshop. There are other options.

For the Gold Web shop option, you pay £100 plus VAT for a year. You get two months free, plus a mystery product box too.

The Next option is the Silver Web Shop, which is £60 plus VAT for six months. You get a mystery box of £40 worth of products.

There is a unique new system that combines the catalogue with QR technology. Read on to find out how this is of benefit.

What Is a QR Code and Why Is It Important?

You need to understand about the QR codes and the catalogues, how it links to the web shops, and how important it is. This like “hybrid working”.

What is that? It’s a mixture of working directly with customers and online shopping. Customer habits and shopping trends have changed since the COVID pandemic. Many people have started online shopping, Shopping for essentials and all sorts of things online. Customers demand more choice, and want fast delivery.

Because of this, Betterware has introduced a QR code system.

A QR code is a type of bar code that you can see on products that you buy in the supermarket. They’re all over the products there. You can download a mobile phone app where you can go around the supermarket scanning QR codes. The products are saved and when finished you just pay for it without having to go through the till. You see them all over the place.

A QR code can hold ten times more information and it has a quicker response, hence the name Quick Response Code or QR for short.

How to use QR Code

You use a QR code reader app on your mobile phone or camera and scan the QR code to open the app. Your phone’s camera is held over it and the QR code will come into view. The reader app on your phone camera will automatically detect it and it’ll open up the information stored on the QR code. So the code links to the web shop directly.

As a Betterware business owner, you can get your own QR code from the support shop. You can go on there and order to order your own unique QR code, or you can make your own. Some people have actually been making their own QR codes.

betterware catalogues with qr code

You only need to stick one on over the company QR code on the front of your catalogue. If a customer clicks on the QR code within the catalogue, it prompts them to scan your QR code on the front cover to place the order. After a customer scans your QR code, they will be directed to your web shop. They are automatically locked into visiting your personal web shop for 90 days by a tracking cookie.

This is an ingenious system put into the web shops because it helps the customer build a relationship with you personally, and it prevents them going to any other web shop. If they randomly went on the Internet because they need a certain Betterware product, they can go to the webshop to buy. Because they are cookied to your shop, they will go to yours.

Previously they would have gone to the Betterware webshop, which would randomly have redirected to a distributor who has a web shop. They are locked into your web shop with a tracking cookie and will go to your shop for 90 days, no matter what. As far as I am aware, Betterware is the first in this industry to use this technology.

Webshop Example:

Betterware academy training

Betterware Review – Get Paid To Train

One thing people look for in a review is how they are going to learn to get customers and business growth. In this Betterware review I will cover this and more in this section.

On the Betterware distributor website there is training in what is called BW Academy. But some of the most valuable training is in the weekly Zoom calls.

Every week there are 2 Zoom meetings for new business owners. The best thing is, you will be paid to join and learn. The training runs through many techniques and tips to help with getting more sales. This is much more engaging and personal compared to the video or text based training.

In order to be paid you will need to answer a questionnaire sent by email. This is to help prove you were paying attention during the training and you will receive £10 that will be added to your account. This reward will allow you buy more product.

With 2 calls a week, you can earn £20 a week to learn. This is something you absolutely need to do for your business, but being rewarded for attendance certainly helps!

There is also other training offered by some of the leaders on how to recruit people into your business and lots more!

Weekly Incentives To Get More Sales

Each week there are new incentives to get more sales. This is often in the form of achievement from which you can receive a prize for getting the most sales. The training will go through various ways of getting more success from the incentives on offer.

Top Quality Support

The support from the leaders is excellent. If anyone has a problem, often they will stay behind after the main Zoom call to help anyone needing help, or they will arrange some time to go through things with them.

In short, you are never left alone to sort things out, there is always someone available to help.

Help your favourite Charity.

There is a new system to help charities. This scheme means that a registered charity can become a distributor and run an independent business to raise funds through sales. If you introduce the charity, it will be a part of your business too, meaning your business will grow as well.

Betterware Review Banner

Betterware Review – Is This Business Worth It?

Ultimately, it’s your personal choice, but there are a lot of benefits to join this business as indicated above.

The main disadvantages to catalogue delivery and collection is potential loss of catalogues that you have to pay for, weather and some other minor disadvantages. However, with the possibility of earning from training, you can soon get more catalogues without any loss of net income.

Of course, if you can promote your webshop successfully, the weather and loss of catalogues etc is something you won’t need to worry about.

Because of the options Betterware has, the diverse product range and ways to get sales. this business model can be a very successful one. It really depends on what you want to achieve in your business and how hard you work at it.

This video is available for all new business owners to help them promote the business opportunity:

Betterware has a Digital Magazine and other digital training resources as shown below:

Digital Magazine:

Steps to Success Guide:

At Home Based Business 4U we have Betterware business owners who are ready and available to help you to get started in the business. If you are interested in finding out more. you can call us on 07726 170031, contact us using the form below, or message us on Facebook.

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I hope you have found this Betterware review useful and it has helped you to make a decision whether this business could be right for you.

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