Avon Cosmetics Review

avon cosmetics review

I remember from my childhood the TV ad that said “Ding Dong – Avon Calling”. My mother was a rep with them and we all used the products. In this Avon Cosmetics Review I hope to show you that they are more than just cosmetics.

They are one of the oldest MLM companies in the world today. They were founded over 130 years ago!

MLM has a bad name is is often mistakenly branded as a “pyramid scheme”. I’m not going to dwell on that now, but check out the information on our home page where we explain why MLM is not an illegal pyramid program.

If you look at sales figures alone, you will see that Avon bring in close to $5 billion in worldwide sales. They must be doing something right, but I won’t dwell on that because it’s more about you and your potential new business, right?

Avon Cosmetics Company Overview

The company’s headquarters is in London, UK. They are a direct sales company that has a product range including beauty, personal care, household products and even clothing.

They are the second largest Network Marketing company in the world behind Amway. They are also the 5th largest beauty company in the world.
Even as one of the top names in the beauty niche, they have heavy competition from the likes of Estee Lauder and L’Oreal.

This means they are rubbing shoulders with these top companies and is pretty impressive. Considering you can’t go to a local department store and find their items on the shelf; this makes it even more impressive.

avon cosmetics hq

The way to purchase products yourself is directly from one of the many (6 million worldwide) reps out there.

Because they are sold on a person to person basis, the company provides training to help with sales and recruitment for all their representatives.

The corporate staff is around 50,000 strong with offices all over the globe, so they are here for the long term.

The company supports many causes and the have their own called Avon Foundation for Women. This is all about supporting causes that directly affect women, which includes domestic violence and breast cancer research. They have contributed over £650 million to its target causes, which is again very impressive.

How Avon Cosmetics Started

perfume from avon

Their main competitor, Mary Kay was founded by a woman, but despite being a business primarily connected to women, Avon was founded by a man.

His name was David McConnell, an American who was a travelling book salesman when he had the idea when going door-to-door selling his wares.

David gave out free perfume as a perk during his sales pitches. It worked really well for him. This was because he was usually selling to stay at home housewives.

He soon found that the free perfume was getting more attention than the books he was trying to sell. Because of this, he went back to his New York office and experimented with different fragrance mixtures to create his own signature product.

After that he recruited a team of women sales reps to make sure his idea became a business in its own right.

This rest is, as many say, history.

Even after more than a century, sales representatives are sharing Avon with women all over the world and some of those go out to do the same. A very simple and effective business model that works!

Are Avon Products Good?

Avon Products

If you want to know what the main items are, you only need to look into a lady’s make up bag. Things like powders, lipstick, mascara and nail polish!

But there is a lot more!

The company also sell skin care items like lotions, serums, moisturizers and anti-aging products.

As we now know, they started as a fragrance company and they still have fragrance in their product list.

Then there is personal care – shampoos, toothpaste, styling gel and more. Add to that personal style items like jewellery, clothing, footwear and a whole lot more, any rep will never run out of things to sell to nearly anyone anywhere.

Where Are The Products Manufactured?

The company manufactures their own products where possible. They do use third party manufacturers too. Their largest facility is based in China, which is one of the many countries where they have manufacturing facilities.

Can You Order Online?

avon online storeYes. In fact every Rep gets their own online shop. The products seem to be competitively priced and have good reviews.

Are The Products Safe?

In the cosmetics world, there are often claims that cosmetics are harmful or unsafe. If you take into consideration that Avon have their own Research and Development Centre based in New York employing a team of scientists, they are concerned too. Also, they are still successful after over a century of trading, so they must be doing most things right.

Take a look at matte lipstick as an example:

That’s it for the company basic information. What about you and the business opportunity?

The Opportunity – Can You Make Money?

I will go through a few benefits of owning your own business, but for the best information, you should talk to someone who is achieving some success. To do that and be able to contact a rep directly, click this link. You can also send us an email using the form below, can call us on 07761 922644 or contact us on Facebook and we will pass on your details to one of our dedicated reps.

As an Avon Representative, you will be able to create your own schedule and arrange your business activity around your family commitments. This is because you are your own boss and not an employee. Remember that you will need to be consistent in work and commitment. MLM is no different to any other type of business when it comes to being successful. There is no such thing as “get rich quick”.

There is a video that that explains all about “living the boss life”. Here it is:

You will have access to a Team Leader to help you to build your business. This is very important because working at home can get lonely and frustrating at times. You need to know you are not alone. You Team Leader’s role is to provide guidance, insight and a realistic action plan for your success.

avon team leader

Again, it’s your business so expect to have to do some work. Get motivated! One of the best ways to get more motivation is to get sales and recruit one or two reps into your team. You will then see your income grow and you will be motivated to continue. As with many other businesses, you will be paid as long as you stay consistent and keep working at it.

Quitting and calling it a scam is not in anyone’s interest. After all, if it was a scam, then how can they be one of the top 5 cosmetic companies in the world? Be realistic and look at it as a business person. You will not be told by someone else to do things like in employment with a boss. It’s up to you to get going and keep going to reach your goals.

Because the company is well known and has a solid financial foundation, you can be sure you will be paid. Working hours a week to sell products and then fail to be paid would not lead to any company getting to the position Avon are in would it?

You may be expected to provide some customer service, but the corporate team will provide customer services too. It’s important you provide your customers with the best service you can and you too can become a sales leader, or a team leader and make good money.

The choice is yours because you are in control of your own destiny.

And there’s more:

Find out more about this opportunity and how you can start on the road to your own success. Contact one of our dedicated Reps by clicking this link, or you can email us using the contact form below, call us on 07761 922644 or contact us on Facebook and we will pass on your details for someone to contact you soon.

Good luck in your new business.

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