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Is Free Website Traffic Really Free?

What does FREE Website Traffic mean to you? Is it truly free or is it just a myth?

There are said to be 2 types of traffic to any website or offer – Free or Paid. Paid traffic is usually where you pay for ads on a pay per click basis to get traffic to your webpages. The “free” traffic option is for those who don’t have a budget to cover the costs of these paid ads.

Question is, is free traffic really free?

free website traffic - is it really free?If you’re in business, then NOTHING is free, unless of course you don’t value your time. If you were to do a job for someone that takes your time, you give them a price to do that job don’t you?

Time is money as many say in business and this is very true. FREE is a word that gives someone a perspective that it’s not worth it or not really worth their time. If, however, they have to pay for the service, they value it a lot more.

The lesson behind all of this – KNOW YOUR OWN VALUE!

Free website traffic is the traffic that you do the work to get the visitors to your web pages without having to spend the money on what can be expensive ads.

Which Is Best, Paid or Free Website Traffic?

The main benefit to paid traffic is that you get sales more quickly. This is the major pitfall with going down the free traffic route. It takes time to get the traction you need to improve the rate of traffic to your pages to make sales.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that paid is best. What that means is you get sales quicker, but the profits are lower because of the cost of the ads. That could be good if you can get repeat business after the initial visit, but can this be guaranteed?

Free website traffic could be the best long term option. Why? Because if you learn the necessary skills to get traffic to your offers using the “free” method, then you could be getting sales without that costly Pay Per Click option. What this means is the more traffic and sales you get, the return on your time investment will grow. The time costs will reduce with every sale.

Of course, pay per click costs can go down if your campaigns are optimised well, but when your free option is optimised well, every sale you get will be 100% profit, not gross less add cost.

I can’t say that paid traffic is a bad idea because it isn’t. Paid traffic, if you have the budget to set it all up and run some campaigns in order to create the sales to make profit, it can prove to be very effective.

It’s very important to learn the skills, which is shy it’s a good idea to educate yourself rather than hire a professional agency to do the work for you. Everything is down to budget no matter what you do, but investment in your business is also an investment in YOU and your skills too.

If you want to learn the right skills to create and optimise paid ads, you can try any one of these courses / products:

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If you want help with getting your business more exposure using “free” methods, contact us to find out about our training system and feature your business on our website too as part of our membership system.


Every traffic method has its merits. To be honest it’s more about what you as the business owner wants from their traffic generation campaigns.

Free website traffic is an investment of time, but your time has VALUE, so it isn’t truly free is it? Paid traffic is better to get sales faster. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you learn the right skills to reach your goals. Good Luck.

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