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Why Branding Yourself Is Important If You Are a Network Marketer

the importance of branding yourselfIf you are a network marketer, branding yourself is very important. Why? Because you have so much to fight against with MLM and the bad press it gets. Growing your influence in the marketplace and building your own personal brand will lead to this fact; people will follow you.

If you can create your own brand identity and people get to know you, you will stand out from others who are not prepared to do that.

This is the reason to increase your personal brand awareness and expand your reach all over the online and offline space.

Who Else Has Recognised The Importance Of Branding Yourself?

When it comes to network marketing, none of the companies that the person is associated with will say anything about branding. This is because THEY are the brand, not the associate.

Even so, the biggest influencers and most well known network marketers in the world understand that branding yourself is vital. These people include:

  • Eric Worre
  • Ray Higdon
  • Randy Gage and many more

We all know that marketing of any kind is much better when you duplicate what the successful people do. This is why all of us need to follow the example of these people.

The benefits of branding yourself should be quite obvious by now, but one real stand out reason is left to talk about:

What If You Were To Move Companies Because Of A Problem?

People join people, not companies in this industry. What if you were to be successful in this business and the company you are associated with had a serious problem and you, along with lots of others, decide to move to a different company?

If you brand yourself and people know, like and trust you, do you think those people in your team will stay with you? This has happened to a few people I know who have moved companies and yet still kept their team more or less intact. This even happened to Ray Higdon too!

So, the next step in branding yourself is creating your brand identity.

Developing Your Personal Brand Identity

Developing a brand identityYour personal brand identity is the image you present to the rest of the world. You need to work hard to stay congruent with your personal brand to have a high value brand. You will need to be seen as someone who is providing value to your team and followers. This will help you to grow your reach and improve your prospect’s first impression.

You can do this by blogging, which is something all of the aforementioned people do regularly. Then there are value driven posts on social media based on the VALUE you give to your prospects rather than the sell, sell, sell attitude of so many I have seen on the social media platforms.

Here are a few tips to help you create your personal brand identity:

Focus on Building Your Personal Brand First.

You are associated with company X and you want people to join you. If you concentrate on the company instead of what you offer to your team, people use their preconceived opinion of the company to make their choice.

It won’t be long, when you do your job the right way, before people recognise who you are and they will know who company X is. But, because people join people, if those prospects already understand the value and support you give to help THEM succeed, do you think those people will join you?

Your Personal Brand Should Reflect Mission

Your personal mission statement should be a clear indication of what you are passionate about. Everything from your tagline to your logo should be congruent with your mission. When branding yourself, start small, and be sure to focus on your target audience first. When your brand loyalty grows, your business will grow too along with your organic reach.

Your Copy Is Very Important

Your social media profiles and landing pages need descriptive copy/content that your prospects can relate to. You will also need attractive images that reflect your brand too. The more appealing you are to the prospect on first impressions, the better. This basic rule of thumb is relevant to every business across all sectors.

Never dismiss the importance of good copy and images in developing your personal brand identity or you may regret it. It would be a good idea to take a course on copywriting and learn about using images to express your brand to develop your skill set and provide more value.

Build Your Personal Brand Voice

When you have determined your personal mission and target audience, then it’s time to develop your brand’s “voice”. This voice is how you communicate to your prospects and how they will respond to you.

You can develop your voice around 2 main areas:

  • Your Company Products and (more importantly)
  • Your potential new team members and how you can support them.

You can develop a professional style, a friendly and conversational style or a mixture of the both. You can try each to see what works best.

Whatever it is, it needs to make sense and resonate with your audience.

Stay True to Your New Brand

Now you have your voice, so be sure to use this in your content. If you continually change your prospects can get confused and your brand will suffer. Be true to your mission and your voice and keep things congruent.

If you want to transform your business into a high-value brand, you need to work hard on this building process. Developing a consistent message and visual identity will do more for your personal brand identity than anything else.

I hope you now understand how important branding yourself really is. If you need any help with developing your personal brand and expanding your reach, contact us to find out more about how we can help you in that process.

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