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What It’s Really Like Building A Work At Home Business

After many years working in the electrical contracting industry, I have tried for several years to run a successful work at home business. I have learned a lot over the past few years and one very important thing is to never give up. Just like in most other cases, it takes time, dedication and persistence to build a successful business.

work at home business tipsThere’s no reason to believe that you couldn’t work from home and most likely it may only take 1 to 2 years to get a sustainable income. In my case, I tend to move from project to project, and it took me a a little time to find something that worked. If you are smart and avoid doing what I did, you can do it quicker.

One thing I realised, and I’ll bet you have seen this too, is that there are a lot of misconceptions about working from home.
With some of the stories we are often subjected to about people sitting on a beach with their laptop or working for 30 minutes a day while enjoying their morning coffee. Many people, including scammers and other gurus tell us about their “overnight success” and the next magic system they have devised to get themselves masses of traffic and profits. Whether you believe it or not, the “seed” has been planted in your mind that working from home is really glamorous.

Don’t get me wrong, having a business that you work from home is truly great. You are able to work the hours you want to work and go out when you feel like it. There are, however, a few things about running an honest business at home that are not so hot.
Let’s forget about the big house, flashy car or anything else and look at a few truths you need to take on board.

Work At Home Business – You Need Patience – Lots Of It!

Like ANY business, a home business takes time to build. Because of that you need to be patient trying to get things started. A month can seem like an eternity and you will need to be consistent. It may be a few months until you start to see results.

Many people think that making money online is easy, or it “sounds” easy because of the hype that is often broadcast. Remember that anything worth building will take time.

You may see someone claiming you can get success almost instantly. If this happens, the best thing is to turn and walk away. Do you know of any job that pays you for doing nothing?

Finding the right person, or the right company to work with is very important too,

Patience is the key. When you start out with anything, you wonder when success is going to come. Success will come if you believe in what you do and stick to your plan. You need to accept that it will take time to see sustained success and income, but that doesn’t mean you are wasting your time. Stick at it!

There Is No Secret Method Or Trick!

home business tipsThe people who tell you there is a magic formula to overnight success are simply doing that to create a buzz and sell their products. There is no “secret formula”, but there is a way to achieve the success you want.

There’s no secret to making money online. Anyone can make money online if they follow a proven system. Most systems are simple to follow and need consistent work.

You May Feel Lonely Sometimes

Working at home is great, but sometimes you may feel pretty lonely. When you go out with friends sometimes, you may find it hard to explain to them what you do so it makes sense to them.

What you really need is support from your peers in the business. It will be good to learn from them and share their experiences. One thing I know for sure, you will find it a lot harder without help from others, which it’s why you will need to be prepared to help others who you take into your team.

Try not to get distracted by Facebook or other online places that will take your concentration away from what you need to be doing in your business.

Which brings me to a very important point.

It Will Take Discipline.

Being able to work in your own time is great, but you may sometimes be prone to do nothing. This may be on days when you seem to lack motivation and question whether you are doing the right thing.

It’s always best to set a schedule of work daily and be sure you stick to it.

There are many ways to find a good 90-day plan that you can follow. You can create your own plan, but be sure to research well so you know everything required in that plan.

It May Take Time To Make Money, But It Is Scaleable

It took me a fair while to make any money and didn’t always follow my plan, which was why it took so long. When you start making money it will feel great. I know it did for me.

It’s always important to set yourself goals. Like how it will be before you make your first £1000. Keep going until you get there, and then you have the method to earn that money.

The next goal will be easier to reach because you have the method. All it takes is to rinse and repeat and scale up your efforts. If you have a blog for example that has started getting visitors that buy your products, you can scale it up by writing more content to increase that traffic and get more sales.

As long as you keep working your plan and scale it up, it will only be a matter of time that you will start earning more and create a sustainable income with your business.

It Will Take Hard Work – And You Will Need Training.

work at home trainingTo reiterate, there is no “magic sauce” to your success. There is no automated system that will do everything for you. Every “automated system” needs a human to set it up, maintain it and follow up. There is no easy magic system – it will take that dreaded 4 letter word – WORK!

Having said that, any work you need to do is not that hard. Online business is about connecting people with the right products and solutions. It’s not hard to do, but it does take hard work. You don’t need to be a genius to achieve the success you want, but you will need to get some great training to help you in your online business strategy.

As you move on and things are growing well, you will be able to bring in people to help you with your work, which means your business could actually run on autopilot.

Moving Forward And Starting Your Own Work At Home Business

Let’s be realistic, you will need help to be able to figure this out on your own. This is something I have learned over time. To be successful you will need to follow the plan and be consistent.

We are here to travel our own journey to success, but on the way to help you too. Find out more by signing up for our newsletter and letting us help you to grow your business too. Click here to find out more. We can help you build your own work at home business. Let’s work together to help your dream come true and remember it usually takes a lot of time to be an overnight success.

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