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Building Skills in Network Marketing

Getting the right skills in network marketing is key to anyone looking to join a network marketing opportunity.

essential skills in network marketing

Network marketing is a business model where one earns money by encouraging others to join in the business. It is also referred to as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Network marketers are skilful at bringing people into their network. They do this by sharing information, creating presentations and holding meetings among other things. Although there are skills involved, there are several factors which lead to success in network marketing. Those include motivation, discipline and knowledge about how to be successful in the industry



Network marketers have unique skills when it comes to motivating themselves . All one has to do is convince themselves that they can succeed since they believe that there is potential for making money through the company’s products or services offered. One must also have the skills to visualise themselves succeeding in the company.


One must be disciplined enough to invest time and effort into learning about network marketing skills . One should also have the discipline to manage their time so that they can dedicate some of it towards building up their skills . The skills in network marketing, and what is needed for success are described below.


The knowledge required is mostly related to products, services offered by the company, how these products/services work, the target market demographic and how one’s upline operates.

Once someone knows these things, it will be easier for them to create sales presentations reinforcing the message given by key people in the organisation (their uplines). It would also help if they did research on their customers’ pain points and the solutions offered by the products/services.

Succeeding skills

skills in network marketing for success


Being able to build rapport and gain trust among people will help network marketers gain customers and grow their base of distributors. One should also know how to conduct themselves professionally in public.

It is important that they know about the company’s compensation plan, do follow ups and referrals as well as manage their time effectively . Network marketing skills are required for success although luck can play a part too such as being at the right place at the right time with the right skills .

7 Essential Skills in Network Marketing

You’re not going to become a network marketing professional overnight, or from just reading this article. If you have a roadmap; if you have a game plan; if you know what the skills you have to develop are, then you will be in a good place.

Here’s the good news:

  • it’s not about luck
  • it’s not about timing
  • it’s not about positioning…

It’s about the skills!

If you learn the skills, you’ll be able to go out there and make something happen.

1. The first essential skill is finding good prospects to share your product or your opportunity.

There are skills you need for prospecting. You need to know how to approach people, how to start a conversation with them

You also want to learn Telephone techniques, or maybe email skills

And if you were going to put together an actual form of prospecting that would work for you, then what would it look like?

Read On…

2. Inviting those people.

Now this is a big one!

skills in network marketing - inviting people


This one takes some time and practice. What professionals learn to do is invite people in such a way that they’re totally comfortable and have a pleasant experience.

When in a friendly and inviting atmosphere, your prospect will feel part of the proceedings and in touch with everyone there.

3. Presenting your product or your opportunity to somebody.

The best way to present is for you not to be the expert. Most people get involved in this profession and decide they’ve got to learn everything. They think to themselves “I’ve got to know everything I have to be the expert”.

No, when starting out, you’re not the expert. You need to be introducing your prospect to somebody experienced in the business first. You can also point people to expert articles or video presentations done by those already successful in the business.

The presentation is done for you. Keep it simple and duplicatable so anybody can do this. The presenting is a skill for you to learn as you gain more experience.

4. Point, guide, and direct people through four to six exposures on average before they make a decision.

This can also be part of a follow up process.

This is creating relationships with people and it’s all about building trust . It’s not just the skills of getting the order or getting someone to join your team, it’s about creating a long term relationship to help them over time make more money in their life.

5. How to close.

How to help a person become a customer or become a distributor. How to guide them through the whole process.

6. Helping that person get started.

Recruiting in network marketing is not just about signing a piece of paper, or filling out an online application. Getting the person started right is critical!

It’s one of the most important of the seven essential skills in network marketing.

Getting a person started properly; how to get them connected; how to get them using your products or services; how to help them with some very quick results! Because they’re just starting, they may be a little insecure and some results will give them a little confidence.

7. How to build for events.

recruiting in network marketing using events


What the pros who make a full time income from network marketing do is invite people to events.

They build huge pushes and huge promotions from event to event. They learn the skill of getting people to attend events.

These seven skills are important for anyone in network marketing. Master these skills and you can earn a comfortable living in this business.

Congratulations! You now know some essential skills in Network Marketing and how these can help you succeed in your new business.

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