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Essens Monolaurin Premium Review

In this Monolaurin premium review, I am going to show you the benefits of monolaurin and share Essens own premium product.

Essens are always dedicated to developing high quality products, you can rest assured that this one will be no different. But, to be sure that this product is right for you, I want to share with you information about this product and the problems it can help to alleviate.

Let’s get started with this monolaurin premium review by sharing what it is and if it’s safe to use.

monolaurin premium product from Essens

What Is Monolaurin?

It is a by-product of coconut fat that is made of lauric acid and glycerine. Monolaurin has been the subject of study for the past two decades by researchers looking at potential uses in medicine, sanitation, and food preservation.

Antibiotic resistance has grown to be a worldwide issue. Most common hospital and foodborne illnesses have become resistant to the effects of standard antibiotics, with patients dying from previously curable diseases.

It might be utilized to make a new antibiotic or antiviral drug that targets a variety of bacteria. Researchers hope that one day monolaurin will be used to develop a new antibiotic or antiviral medication that is effective against a wide range of pathogens.

monolaurin and coconut oil
Image Courtesy of Vegan Rocks

In What Form Should It Be Taken

Monolaurin can be taken in supplement form on a daily basis. You may find it at your neighbourhood health food store or vitamin shop.

Lauric acid is a saturated chemical compound derived from coconut oil and certain coconut products. Monolaurin is significantly more potent than lauric acid in eradicating viruses and germs; however, researchers aren’t sure how it occurs in the body.

Lauric acid can be consumed in coconut oil, where it is metabolised into monolaurin by the body. However, no one knows how effectively this happens. Because of this, determining how much coconut oil you would need to consume in order to receive a therapeutic dose of monolaurin is impossible.

Lauric acid is most readily found in:

  • dietary supplements
  • coconut oil — the highest natural source of lauric acid
  • coconut cream, raw
  • coconut cream, canned
  • fresh shredded coconut
  • coconut cream pudding
  • coconut milk
  • human breast milk
  • cow and goat milk — containing small percentages of lauric acid

Because monolaurin hasn’t been studied by the FDA for any medical condition, there are no established dosage guidelines. According to Dr. Jon Kabara, who first presented on this product and now sells it under the brand name Lauricidin, people age 12 and up should start with 750 mg of monolaurin twice to three times daily.

These recommendations are based on Kabara’s clinical expertise and aren’t backed by any scientific research. According to the company’s website, children ages three and older may begin taking Lauricidin at tiny dosages and gradually increase their dosage as they grow older.

Coconut oil is a cooking oil that is edible and nontoxic. Anyone who is allergic to coconut should not consume coconut oil, but adverse effects are rare.

What are the health benefits?

health benefits of monolaurin

People use monolaurin supplements for a variety of reasons, including boosting immunity and general health. There is little scientific evidence to support these claims, however. Coconut oil, lauric acid, and monolaurin have been studied for their antimicrobial properties in test tubes and petri dishes (in vitro). The majority of these experiments have been conducted by Dr. Kabara.

He has conducted many experiments on its effectiveness against various viruses, bacteria, and yeast in test tubes but hasn’t conducted any clinical studies on humans.

The antimicrobial properties of monolaurin have long been established, although further study is required to examine its effects in live subjects.

The Antibacterial Effects

Monolaurin is a substance that has been shown to kill bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food confirmed previous in vitro research showing the antibacterial potency of the substance. It also showed that it hinders Staphylococcus aureus in mice.

Staphylococcus aureus is the microbe that causes most staph infections, ranging from boils to severe endocarditis. Antibiotic therapies are becoming less effective in treating methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), according to recent cases of this disease.

According to a 2007 paper in the Journal of Dermatology Drugs, monolaurin is more effective than six popular kinds of antibiotics against superficial paediatric skin ailments. The research discovered that monolaurin had comparable broad-spectrum antibiotic effects without the resistance problems associated with common antibiotics.

The Antifungal Effects

Monolaurin is said to inactivate or destroy a variety of fungi, yeasts, and protozoa, including several types of ringworm and Candida albicans. Candida albicans is a common fungal organism that may be found in the gastrointestinal tract, mouth, genitals, urinary tract, and skin. It can be sexually transmitted and also spread through the bloodstream. When this occurs, it can cause infections in different parts of the body.

Monolaurin has been found in one study to have potential as an antifungal therapy for candida albicans, which can also minimize pro-inflammatory responses.

Candida albicans
Candida Albicans This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation of the sinuses, typically caused by a virus or fungus. A 2009 study published in Advances in Microbiology found that monolaurin was effective at treating various types of bacteria and fungi in mice with sinusitis.

The Antiviral Effects

It’s been said that monolaurin has successfully inactivated a variety of viruses, including:

In PLOS ONE, a 2015 study tested a monolaurin vaginal gel on female monkeys. Monolaurin gel was found to lower the risk of primate vaginally acquiring SIV, the primate version of HIV. The researchers determined that monolaurin has significant prophylactic potential.

Are There any Side Effects

Although the US FDA has not approved monolaurin for the treatment of any medical condition or disease, it has designated it as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

Monolaurin is considered safe to consume in foods, even in high dosages, thanks to these tests. However, nutritional labelling on standardized meals containing monolaurin, such as granola bars, may impose quantity restrictions.

The only dangers posed by monolaurin are those linked to the source from which it is derived, coconut oil. Food allergies are common, but even people allergic to tree nuts can suffer serious adverse reactions to coconut.

Monolaurin poses no known threat, interaction, or problem when taken as a dietary supplement.

Essens Monolaurin Premium

Essens Monlaurin Supplements

The revolutionary food supplement contains the active components in a therapeutic ratio of glyceryl laurate, lauryl sucrose, and vitamin A. It also contributes to the immune system and mucous membranes’ normal functioning.

The ESSENS Scientific Board team, which is made up of professionals and pharmacists that have years of expertise in the field, has been working behind the product’s creation. The product is gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free and is suitable for vegans.

ESSENS Monolaurin Premium, thanks to Vitamin A present in this product has the following advantages:

It aids in the maintenance of a healthy immune system and mucous membranes.

Enhances the production of intestinal bacteria, which is necessary for optimal health.

The patented technology of the capsule system helps to maximise effectiveness in the body.

What makes ESSENS Monolaurin Premium unique?

The food supplement was prepared using a unique manufacturing process that ensures better absorption of the substance into the body. The so-called small patent, Utility Model No. 33.526, registered at the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic on September 3, 2019 and exclusively utilised to ESSENS products, protects the unique properties of monolaurin form.

Vitamin A has a beneficial impact on the immune system and protects cells from oxidative harm. It also promotes appropriate growth, development, quality, and functionality of mucous membranes, bones, and haematopoiesis.

ESSENS ANTI-V MIX – food supplements


  • ESSENS Monolaurin Premium – 60 capsules
  • ESSENS Lactoferrin – 30 tablets
  • ESSENS Clea’NS – 30 tablets
  • ESSENS Flow’EN – 30 tablets


It makes sense to give a combination of several ESSENS food supplements, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, for the best chances of success.

Recommended dosage:

  • ESSENS Monolaurin Premium – 1 capsule twice a day (morning and evening)
  • ESSENS Lactoferrin – 1 tablet 3 times a day (morning, noon, evening)
  • ESSENS Clea’NS – 1 tablet once a day (morning)
  • ESSENS Flow’EN – 2 tablets once a day (evening).

Drink down the food supplements with plenty of fluids.


ESSENS Monolaurin Premium: glyceryl laurate, lauryl saccharate, vitamin A (retinol acetate), filler (sorbitol), acidity regulator (amino acetic acid, lactic acid, calcium lactate), capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, colour titanium dioxide).

ESSENS Lactoferrin: Lactoferrin GX85 (from bovine milk), fruit extract sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.), potato starch (stabilizer), magnesium stearate (anticaking agent), selenium (sodium selenite pentahydrate), iodine (potassium iodide), tablet coating (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyvinylalcohol, talc, iron oxides and hydroxides).

ESSENS Clea’NS: Cellulose (stabilizer), Magnolia bark extract, Proteolytic enzymes, Potato starch, stabilizer (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), anti-caking agent (Magnesium stearate), Black Pepper Fruit extract (piper nigrum fruit), Vitamin A.

ESSENS Flow’EN: Horse chestnut seed extract (Aesculus hippocastanum seeds), Sodium Ascorbate, Black Pepper fruit extract (piper nigrum fruit), stabilizaters (Corn starch, Microcrystalline cellulose), anti-caking agent (Magnesium stearate), stabilizaters (Hydroxopropyl Methylcellulose, Talc, PVP), colouring (Iron oxides and hydroxides).

Instructions for use:

Please do not take more of the recommended daily amount than is advised. Food supplements are not meant to be used in place of a varied diet. It’s not recommended for children under the age of three or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Manufacturer: ESSENS EUROPE SE, Zaoralova 3045/1e, 628 00 Brno


  • Avoid close contact with people with acute respiratory disease
  • Wash frequently, preferably disinfect your hands with an alcohol-based product
  • Follow the “cough etiquette” – sufficient distance from other persons to cover mouth and nose
  • Comply with the quarantine of suspected and already ill people
  • Support the body’s immunity and strengthen the overall immunity (intestine) and immunity of the respiratory tract

That is about it. I hope this Monolaurin Premium review has been helpful. If you feel this product can help you, please contact me via my web page here, or you can visit the shop directly here. Thank you for reading. I look forward to serving you.

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