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The Remarkable Power Of Saying I Am Enough

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I am really motivated to share something with you today that inspires you to say to Yourself “I Am Enough”.  I have been working on this post to help whoever reads this to see that you have the power to acheive anything you want to do with the right mindset.

The World Without Is

A reflection

Of the world within!

To help you get past any limiting beliefs and  expand your belief about what you can and cannot do inside your business and your life in general, you need to realise the whole concept of ‘I AM ENOUGH’ and how shaping the world within will bring out a change in the world without!

I’d like to encourage you and really inspire you to think in your mind that you really do have all the answers deep inside of you, right now.  What you have got to do is just tap into them. Seek and you shall find my friend!

I believe we are all Made first class by first class. We all are different however,  your strengths and weaknesses’ will be different to mine. But you and I are, by no means, LESS than each other!

Your potential is endless if you would just take the time to look within and find your passions. Pay attention to the things you are really drawn to.  they are often connected to your path, passions and purpose in life.  Have the courage to pursue them! You really can say ‘I AM ENOUGH’ and ‘I KNOW ENOUGH’ right now & you are able to start sharing value with others.

I have realised that our results will always match our beliefs, so whatever you believe about yourself that’s what is going to show up.

So if you show up and say…well….I’M NOT, then what ever you put after the NOT is going to be whatever you manifest in your life, that’s what’s going to show up!

I AM is one of the most powerful statements that you could possibly say because no-one else can say I AM only you can say I AM. So whatever you declare about yourself after the I AM, that is LAW.


You are the law giver!

Short Exercise using the words “I Am Enough”

So I want you to say I AM ENOUGH and you guys can say whatever positive things you want after that, Just don’t put anything that you don’t want to see in your life.

I see so many people saying they are NOT good at this or that. Why would you want to say that about yourself and make those statements have power over you?

I would like to encourage you all to take that statement and change it because whatever you say, you are the law giver.

So instead say I’M WORKING on being better at…

I’M constantly BETTERING myself. IM getting BETTER and BETTER.shadow figure of a woman with a backgound of positive words surrounding her

So that’s the confession…

Not that I’M NOT GOOD at it

IM GETTING BETTER AND BETTER at whatever it is that you want! Every single day when you get up and say “you know what, today I am going to become better”, that’s it!

I’ve heard that the first 20 minutes of your day are critical. When you first open your eyes in the morning you are operating at your highest vibration possible.


In the first 20 minutes of your day I want you to practice this:

When you open your eyes try not to think of… oh my gosh I gotta go to work today, OR any other negative thoughts. Don’t do that because it’s a low vibration thought. Immediately your whole day can go down hill because you started that way.  Try getting up and starting your day differently.

I want you to get up and say I AM ENOUGH. I’m getting better and better today. I’m wealthy, I’m healthy, I’m strong, I have good qualities in me to offer and I can make a difference in someone else’s life. I’m kind, I’m patient, I love life, Life loves me, Money is attracted to me, Money is chasing me down. Be bolder if you like and say Money is crashing down the door to get to me!

These are the things I’ve heard successful people say, as soon as they get up in the morning. They start to think on these things. I have started to listen to positive audios and find things that help me to stay up at a higher vibration for my day. ” The rest of my life is going to be the best of my life”. You know what, “Today is gonna be the best day EVER”.

So when you jump outa bed, guess what, because you are the law giver and that’s what you SAID, today HAS to be the best day ever. Things have to show up to now validate what you said. You have attracted what YOU said to you like a boomerang. The universe has a funny way of bringing to you exactly what you believe and say.

Don’t let anyone control your day. You have power over this too! Like when you get to work and you say your having a bad day because someone did this, or said that . . .


No-one should have control over your life. Take your power back. So you decide. YOU get to decide on how your day is going to go! You get to make the decision on how you are going to respond to others! You get to make the decision even if you know someone is down, to not allow what they say or do to affect you! They don’t have to get to control your reaction.

I understand that it’s beneficial to learn HOW to control HOW you respond to people, tricky situations and circumstances.



You ARE getting better and better.

So If we want things to change, guess what, WE have to change. The bigger the change the bigger the result. If things are going to get better, we’re going to have to get better.

Take a look at my blog I wrote when I was completing a mastermind program a few years ago. I talk about the quote “you are what you think”  positive thoughts and manifesting a new reality.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, now all you have to do is …


Emma L A


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