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Home Business Challenges We Can All Encounter

What are your home business challenges? Is it hard to stay focused? Still working out how to effectively do your sales and marketing? Do you have problems with admin tasks? Let’s see if some of my challenges align with yours too.

Home Business Challenges We All Need To Overcome.

face your home business challengesI have been running my business exclusively from home for nearly 10 years now. Having previously had an electrical contracting business, my work revolved around working on site and working at home. Believe me, that was tough! It was good that I had my father’s help early on to do the estimating and taking calls to book jobs. After that I had to do all of it my wife (now ex wife) didn’t support me in my business.

It was hard to market the business, make new connections and do the on site work, but after the electrical business collapsed and had an accident causing a detached retina, I retrained in SEO and website design and management. That was when I started working exclusively from home.

I also got involved with Network Marketing, which led to other challenges for me. Recruiting people was hard because I, for some unknown reason to me, found it hard to call people to share ideas. Even talking to friends about the business led me to be ignored, so I lost confidence in that. That was one more reason for me to learn about SEO and marketing using my blog and websites.

Because of all these things and knowing how hard it is for some local businesses to be successful, I wanted to help local contractors to get more work using online resources, so I started my local SEO services. I still had the challenges of getting new clients, but when I could show my success with my own projects it became easier.

I know many people have trouble doing their accounts. I am no different. Because my brother is an accountant, it’s not doing the accounts themselves that bothers me, it’s finding the time and motivation to do the job. Working around figures is a little like watching paint dry for me. When I “find the time” to do my accounts I can get into the zone to do it, but there is always something more important to do, like getting more content to promote my client’s business, or writing a new blog post. I’m sure you get the picture.

One of the most difficult home business challenges is finding a work-life balance. I find this a real challenge because I live on my own. I sometimes get tired because I have overworked, so it’s very important for me to find time to switch off from work. Before the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdowns it was easy because I am a member of 4 choirs and love singing. That gave me a good break and chances to socialize. Since lockdowns and public meetings such as in choirs has been stopped, it’s a lot harder for me to switch off.

You will need to find times to have a break from your work and your business, so plan your time for work, family and progressing your home business. You may even work into the night as I have done too to be sure you get things done. Even when I do find a time to take a break, the laptop is close by and I can’t resist doing something that comes into my head. Oh, for going out to sing and socialize again!
Fortunately, I have disciplined myself to take breaks and switch off as much as I need. That way I feel fresher and getting more done, which leads to another really big challenge, avoiding distractions.

Home Business Challenges – Avoiding Distraction

avoid the challenges of distraction in your home businessWorking from home offers too many distractions. If your favourite TV show is on, you may be tempted to watch that instead of doing an important follow up with a prospect. The kids may be excited about something and want you go see what they have to show you. Whatever you find distracting, you need to plan your day and work time and stick to it. You can always use catch up TV to watch your program later.

What is the most important thing to you? Your business that could help you create a better life moving forward, or the TV program. You must prioritize your tasks and stick to them and try your best to avoid distraction.

This affects another challenge – your focus on your goals. Focus is really important to help you get past distraction and reach your personal and business goals.

Even though it’s still connected to business, joining a networking group, or maybe even creating one of your own, is a great way to find new business connections and socialize. Humans are social creatures, and we all need to socialize as well as work. Making new friends will help all of you get away from business for a while, even though you do have the business connection as your common denominator.

I love what I do and connecting with people is great for me but avoiding the home business challenges I have shared with you here is sometimes difficult. If you experience any of these issues yourself, please share how you have got over them in the comments. Also if you think this will help anyone you know, please share on social media. Sharing is caring.

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