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Do You Want a Younger Looking Face Starting Today?

Exercises For Your Face To Help You Feel Younger starting today

exercises for your face
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Given that all the muscles💪 in our bodies are designed to move for optimal wellness, it makes sense that our faces (which also have muscles!)💪 deserve some exercise, too.

Face yoga does that. 😍
Ready to hit the skin gym? 😍Keep reading over next few days for six expert-recommended face exercises that i have found to try.

1. Upper-eye exercise

Take the three middle fingers 👋of each hand and place them underneath your eyebrows. Then push your eyebrows straight up. Look straight ahead 👁and use your forehead muscles to push down against the fingertips that are holding your brows,

Hold for ten seconds, and on the seventh second, close your eyes keeping your eyebrows high and anchored. Relax and then repeat the move two more times, for three total.😯

2. Chin-ups exercise😱

Place the pads of two fingers just behind your chin bone, on the soft area just under where your tongue👅 is located.
Gently press upward⬆️ with your fingers.

Next, push your tongue up into the roof of your mouth. You should feel a muscle contraction on your fingers. Relax, and then repeat 10 times total. 🔟

This helps strengthen the muscles,💪 toning the area

Lift your chin about two inches and pressing your tongue 👅to the roof of your mouth as you look up at the ceiling.
Then allow your lips 💋to open slightly and hold the position for five seconds.

Release, and then repeat three more times, for 10 seconds each time.🔟

3. Neck stretches🙆

When your neck is tight and tense it can be visible on your face. 👨‍🦲

Your eyes👀 may appear smaller, and overall, your face may look as if it’s pulled downward. ⬇️

Stretching and massaging your neck can help relieve the tension.🆘️

To begin, tilt your head towards one shoulder, place your hand on your head and gently pull it closer to your shoulder to deepen the stretch.🙋‍♀️

Repeat on the other side. After you’ve stretched both sides, use your hands 🙌to massage the muscles 💪at the back of your neck on either side of the spine, working from the base of your neck up towards the back of your skull. 💀

4. Under-eye exercise👁

The under-eye👁 area is one of the most sensitive spots on the face and the skin is thinner than anywhere else on your face—but the muscles💪 in this region still need exercise. 🚶‍♀️

Look up, ⬆️then begin to close your eyes by raising the lower lids first, so you almost look like you’re glaring at someone. 🐵

Hold that position, with the under-eye muscles contracted for five seconds, and then release.

Do the move three times total.😯😱

5. Crow’s-feet exercise👣👀

To target the skin on the outer edges of your eyes,👀

Place the pads of your thumbs👍 on the bones located at the outer corners of your eyes👀 (right thumb on right side, left thumb on left side).

Next, without moving your head, look up ⬆️and gently press your thumbs in towards your eyes.👀Flutter your eyelids for five seconds, and then release. Repeat the exercise three times and you’re good to go.😍😍

6. Jaw-tightening exercise😏

As we age, the skin along our jawlines can begin to sag—and constantly looking down at your phone📱 or tablet 💻might contribute to that.

Exercises can help.

Lift your chin to form a taut line between your chin and your collar bone, without hyperextending your neck. 👴

Turn your head 👵to the right ➡️and look over your right ➡️shoulder at the ceiling behind you, then jut out your jaw.

Hold that position for five seconds, release, and then slowly return to the starting position. 😍

Repeat the move three times total, then switch to your left side ⬅️and do the same thing.😍

So following these exercises for your face will help you look younger 

also see http://www.facebook.com/groups/healthandwellnessforover50s




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