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Building Relationships in Two Minutes Flat

When you’re building relationships in a home based business, it only takes a moment to get started. Business people have to build relationships quickly with people they meet or don’t know well so it doesn’t take a lot of time.

building relationships in business

Network Marketing is different from other businesses because the relationships are personal and they have to be nurtured for them to grow. It can take two minutes or two years for relationships to grow in this type of business.

Building relationships is one of the most crucial talents in any home business. You can establish key connections in a few minutes if you learn how to use colour personality technology!

Everyone has a certain personality type. I’m sure you’re familiar with this fact. You see it all the time. Have you ever noticed how different people are from one another? Did you know there’s a scientific explanation for personality colour preferences?

You will be able to form a connection with others more quickly if you understand how to make use of this data. You’ll be able to develop a rapport with people more easily, allowing you to build the know, like, and trust factor in less time.

If you don’t understand this technology, you may be speaking with your prospects in such a way that is actually turning them away. This will cause you to waste time and effort, and not get the results you want.

When it comes to connecting with people, the faster you do so, the more money you make. Learn how to develop connections quickly since time is money. Business people understand the importance of getting more done in less time! Those adopting this technology report better results than those that don’t use it.

building relationships better

Yellow, blue, green, and red are the four personality types. The spoken word is processed differently by each of these colour personality. It’s critical that you understand how to talk to each colour in a way they’ll react positively. They’ll shut you out if you don’t speak their language, and it won’t take long until you’re nowhere!

Building Relationships With a Yellow Colour Personality

Yellows are open and indirect. Making up 35 percent of the population, they are wonderful people—they are nurturers, great listeners, fantastic team players, patient, and supportive. They are very open with their feelings, but when you ask them a question, they answer it and stop—they don’t volunteer any more information.

building relationships with yellow personality

Yellows are capable of building the largest MLM organizations when they get focused and believe that they can do it. They enjoy life and hate any kind of confrontation. They don’t like pushy, aggressive salespeople—if you try to “push” them or “sell” them, they will be out the door, and you’ll never see them again.

Take your time and build a relationship, teach them, and help them. If you do that with a yellow colour personality, you’ll have an awesome team member!

Building Relationships With a Blue Colour Personality

A blue is open and direct. If you ask him a question, he’ll never stop answering, and when he does, he’ll forget what the question was! This combination of open and direct means that the blue colour personality is very confident in what he does and what he knows.

building relationships with blue personality

Blues are the life of the party and everyone’s friends! Blues love to be with people and like attention. They are very creative people and make up 15 percent of the population. If you can teach a blue to focus and give her a system that’s fun and duplicable, there will be no stopping her!

Building Relationships With a Green Colour Personality

Green is indirect, like a yellow, and self-contained, and they make up 35 percent of the population. They are very calculating and need all the facts and figures before they make any decisions. When you speak to a green, chances are he’s trying to figure out why you’re asking this or that question.

building relationships with green personality

It’s important for you to remember to slow . . . down . . . your . . . speech. Don’t talk too fast to a green, or he won’t trust you. He will think you’re a slick salesperson. Rather, when you ask a question, let it sink in, and take a breath before you go on. Don’t try to sell a green because after he gets all the information, he’ll sell himself. Besides, that’s what you really want anyway!

Building Relationships With a Red Colour Personality

The red colour personality is very direct, like the blue, so sometimes people get them confused, but they are self-contained and will not let you see their weaknesses.

building relationships with red personality

Reds make up 15 percent of the population. They will ask questions and control the conversation; they are in charge! They are very motivated by money. Everything in their lives revolves around success and being the best. A red is uncoachable, so don’t even try! They like their egos stroked, and they demand a show of respect.

Have you figured out what colour you are?

Once you have mastered colour personalities, it will be an invaluable tool to use in your business. You will understand why people say and do certain things—they can’t help it, it’s who they are! Your job is to apply colour personality profiling to your home business and building relationships to help your business grow!

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