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Avon Serum Foundation – Why I Like It

Avon Skin Perfecting Serum Foundation…

Avon serum foundationIn this article I want to share Avon’s Serum Foundation. It gives a radiant finish, and is complete with SPF 30. It has a light to medium cover, which is a really popular finish.

There are 22 shades available for this foundation. I have samples for you to try, which I will go into later.

The foundation can be applied using a flat or domed foundation brush. This means it will give better coverage and an even finish. Avon say that this gives up to 72 hours of hydration. So skincare is infused with your foundation meaning that, as well as just giving you great cover, it will help you feel more confident in your skin.

When it’s applied to your skin, it adds some ingredients and benefit to your skin. Avon claim that it boosts moisture by 200 percent too, which is good if you suffer from dry skin. I know some people with combination skin and they are seeing great results with this product.

As you get older you may find your skin loses collagen and even have areas where your veins may show a little. This foundation will help cover all of that and give you the protection against the sun with the SPF 30 protection too.

When your foundation is completed, you can use a setting powder to help keep it long lasting and stay on all day. This foundation will help give you a smooth and clean looking finish and will help you feel more confident. It does help give a more even skin tone look.

The Lisa Armstrong range has a great setting powder to use. There are 2 shades to help you achieve the look you want, which are light and medium.

Once the foundation is applied, you will have the best place to complete your daily make-up routine. With the SPF 30 protection you can feel confident you have protection from the sun and have a long lasting, smooth finish all day long.

Why I Love Avon Serum Foundation

sample pack of serum foundationOf course, everything I have spoken about is important. The smooth finish and the look I can get from using this product. The most important thing for me is the SPF 30 protection. This is important in so many ways for me as I need this protection.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the serum foundation, please contact me via my page here. Alternatively, you can visit my shop and purchase it directly. I have some samples for you to try if you want too.

One of the most important things to know is how to use a product to get the best from it. I hope I have helped to do that in this article.

Here is a brief summary of Avon’s skin perfecting serum foundation:

About Serum Foundation:

Do you want to know the secret behind instantly radiant coverage that improves your complexion every time?

The answer is in the Triple Action Complex. It helps enhance the look of your skin, locks moisture into place for up to 72 hours and also works on improving your complexion. 98% of users say their skin looks more radiant! Are you ready to try this out now?

Product specification:

  • Serum-infused foundation enriched with Triple Action Complex.
  • Radiant, light-to-medium buildable coverage.
  • SPF30

How to use the foundation for maximum effect:

The best way to apply the serum foundation is with a flat brush or domed full coverage brush. Both are designed for an even finish. Make sure you blend around your jawline, neck, and hair line so you ensure there is a more even finish. It will also make for smoother application!

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