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Avon Foundation for Women

avon foundation for womenThe Avon Foundation for Women was founded in 1955. They run and support programmes that chiefly, though not uniquely affect women. Their thought process is that a better world for women is a better world for everybody. Avon are delivering resources to improve the lives of women and their families.

Over the years the Foundation has contributed over $1.1 billion to causes supporting women and their families. This is to help them lead safe and healthy lives. The Avon Foundation for Women partner with local organizations all over the world. They are a driving force behind charitable, scientific, educational and humanitarian work.

Avon continues providing innovative products promoting health and beauty for women. They are working on the elimination of Breast Cancer and dealing with domestic violence.

Why Avon Foundation for Women Focuses on Breast Health Education

Despite the facts that breast cancer awareness is high, many don’t the necessary action. They believe this is because of lack of knowledge and confidence in what action to take. Also there is a perceived lack of time and urgency. Breast health education is very important to break through this situation.

A human body has billions of cells. Each of these cells contain genes. They act like a set of instructions for our cells. Genes send the cells messages to tell them how to behave. In normal circumstances, genes make sure that cells grow and divide the right way.

The fact is, sometimes genes make mistakes. These mistakes come about by chance. They can also be caused by things like chemicals in tobacco smoke or alcohol. If a gene makes a lot of mistakes, it can give cells the wrong message. This could make cells grow faster, or divide too much. If this continues, these things could lead to cancer.

The hormone oestrogen can play a vital role in triggering breast cancer. It usually works with the genes in breast cells, controlling how often they divide. If a woman produces too much oestrogen, it can lead to her breast cells receiving too many messages to divide. This can them lead to them growing out of control.

This is one reason why things that reduce a woman’s exposure to oestrogen, like having children, reduces the risk of breast cancer. Things that raise oestrogen levels, like alcohol and excess weight, will increase risk.

Avon Foundation for Woman and Domestic Violence

avon charity foundationThe other important programme focuses on combating domestic violence. They have implemented a few strategies. These are developing training of law enforcement, and provision of shelter and safety for battered and abused women.

They support programmes to prevent domestic violence by providing great advice and resources. This also includes and training and advocacy on issues related to domestic violence.

They also work to ensure the effectiveness of legal protections against domestic violence. The organization provides legal help to alleged victims of domestic violence. This helps those people to take the appropriate action against their alleged abusers.

One of the most widespread human rights breaches is violence against women and girls. It’s thought that 1 in 3 women will experience violence or abuse in their lifetime.

Domestic violence doesn’t differentiate. It can affect anybody, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or religion. Unfortunately for many, domestic violence has historically been a taboo subject.

Since 2004 the Avon Foundation for Women has contributed more than $80 million worldwide to support awareness. This includes education and development and implementation of prevention and direct service programmes.

They know there is a still a lot to do. Especially since the Covid 19 pandemic where domestic violence has increased. The point is, people need to speak out, because silence hurts.

Find out how you can help Avon’s cause. 

The Avon Foundation for Women does great work.

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